James L.

James went to OrthoNow after he took a hard step down from the deck in his back yard. He had severe pain and swelling in his knee and ankle. Before he decided to go to OrthoNow, he tried to get an appointment with his knee replacement surgeon and was told it would be two weeks.

James had back surgery by Dr Byrd for spinal stenosis on January 9th “Dr. Byrd is a fantastic physician. He gave me my life back.” Since he’d heard about OrthoNow on the radio and was familiar with AOS from his spinal surgery, he decided to try it. He was very pleased that he could go to OrthoNow right away.

Said James Lassiter, “We heard about OrthoNow on the radio. We weren’t sitting there five minutes when they called us back.” Dale Fleugel was able to assess, and address his injury immediately.

“I saw a very nice gentleman (Dale Fleugel, Nurse Practitioner) who did a complete set of x-rays. He told me it was not broken, but…severely sprained. He fitted me with both an ankle and a knee brace.” When Mr. Lassiter told Dale that he could not take pain medications, Dale took extra time to explain how James could manage his pain without medication.

Said Mr. Lassiter, “I was totally pleased with OrthoNow. It met my needs perfectly. They saw me quickly.” They “thoroughly” addressed his situation. Referring to the braces he was fitted with Mr. Lassiter said ”the brand was outstanding. (DonJoy)”