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See what our patients and their families have to say. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive orthopedic care in a compassionate and caring environment.

My name is Deborah, a patient of Dr. Byrd’s. I want to take the time to inform you of my experience with Dr. Byrd. I had 3 disc collapse in my neck and Dr. Byrd did a 3 level decompressions and fusion with plates and screws and bone graft from my left hip. I woke up to no more pain in my face or neck and right arm. I also regained strength back in my right arm and hand that I had lost. It has been 3 weeks now since I had my surgery and I am already back to work. I thank God for such a great doctor as Dr. Byrd. He was nothing but professional and concerned for my wellbeing. He explained everything so I knew what was what and what to hopefully expect from surgery and I did benefit 100% from his expertise. It is nice to know that there is nothing but the best of doctors in your practice, as I have also seen Dr. John J. Schaffer, Dr. Thomas Markham, Dr. Joann Dervay, Dr. Eric Mein, Dr. Michael Campbell and Dr. Chad Manke and they were all as top notch as Dr. Byrd. Thank you for having the best group of doctors, in my opinion in this Hampton Roads area. Sincerely Thankful, Deborah B.

As the result of a dislocated shoulder, I participated in physical therapy under the direction of Christina McCarville. Tina is professional in appearance and demeanor. In addition, for each sessions she was punctual and prepared. Exercises were explicitly explained and monitored to ensure correct techniques. Although homework was my responsibility, her knowledge produced a customized series that was instrumental in my expedient recovery. Sincerely, Terry H.

Natashia was born with congenital Rickets which caused her legs to become severely bowed. After it was determined that she had stress fractures in both femurs, she was referred to AOS and Dr. Campbell. Natasha agreed to the year-long process and four surgeries using groundbreaking new technology. “All my life, I have dreamed what it was like to have straight legs. And now with the first surgery behind me, I know it will be a lot of work and physical therapy, but I’m ready.” “Dr. Campbell stays on top of everything,” Natasha praised. “He calls. He texts. One Sunday, one of the pins was hurting really bad, so he told me to go ahead to the E.R. He met me there, on the weekend, to make sure everything was okay. That’s dedication.”

James went to OrthoNow after he took a hard step down from the deck in his back yard. He had severe pain and swelling in his knee and ankle. Before he decided to go to OrthoNow, he tried to get an appointment with his knee replacement surgeon and was told it would be two weeks. James had back surgery by Dr Byrd for spinal stenosis on January 9th “Dr. Byrd is a fantastic physician. He gave me my life back.” Since he’d heard about OrthoNow on the radio and was familiar with AOS from his spinal surgery, he decided to try it. He was very pleased that he could go to OrthoNow right away. Said James Lassiter, “We heard about OrthoNow on the radio. We weren’t sitting there five minutes when they called us back.” Dale Fleugel was able to assess, and address his injury immediately. “I saw a very nice gentleman (Dale Fleugel, Nurse Practitioner) who did a complete set of x-rays. He told me it was not broken, but…severely sprained. He fitted me with both an ankle and a knee brace.” When Mr. Lassiter told Dale that he could not take pain medications, Dale took extra time to explain how James could manage his pain without medication. Said Mr. Lassiter, “I was totally pleased with OrthoNow. It met my needs perfectly. They saw me quickly.” They “thoroughly” addressed his situation. Referring to the braces he was fitted with Mr. Lassiter said ”the brand was outstanding. (DonJoy)”

New Hampshire native Nelson Griffin is no stranger to hard work. As a military retiree, Nelson spent years working on his feet as a diesel engineer and mechanic working with heavy equipment and machinery. The years of strain led to chronic hip pain, arthritis and deterioration of both hip joints, so much so that when he took a step his right hip would dip an inch below his left. After witnessing his wife’s excellent care for a knee replacement performed by Dr. Bewley with AOS, Nelson decided to make the call to Dr. Payne for treatment of both hips. Nelson had met several other people who all urged him not to wait any longer, so on February 17, 2015, Nelson’s wife braved the 2015 snowstorm, shoveling snow at 3AM to make sure he would arrive on time for his surgery. Dr. Payne completed Mr. Griffin’s surgery in just 1.5 hours. By evening, he was up walking the halls of the hospital. He was most surprised to be released the next day. After just a week of follow-up home physical therapy, Nelson was ready to start preparing for surgery number two, completed in April. Avid travelers, Mr. Griffin and his wife are now able to enjoy long car journeys to visit their daughter in Michigan twice a year. The 943-mile trip no longer causes him the excruciating pain he felt prior to surgery. As he feels he has a new lower body, he’s now able to dance, drive, go bike riding – all things he never thought possible before. “I can stand up completely straight. It feels like they put a new leg on me. I no longer need a walker. I’m amazed at the difference AOS and Dr. Payne’s work has made in my life,” he reports.

The whole OrthoNow team rocked it! I am very, very thankful for everything for your staff did for [my neck, shoulder and arm pain]. I will never go anywhere else! Thank you all very much.

I came to OrthoNow for back pain and received awesome care. There was a short wait which is wonderful when you’re in pain. The staff was awesome.

Good afternoon, This morning I had a follow appointment with Dr. Manke’s team, and I was rather anxious about the appointment, but everyone was really wonderful, including Sarah, and especially Jenn, who has a great sense of humor, an easy laugh, and a calming presence about her. I hope you will pass this on to Dr. Manke so he knows how grateful this patient is for everyone at the Glenn Mitchell office.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rank OrthoNow at an 11. My knee pain was taken care of promptly and efficiently. Thank you for the after-hours treatment; y’all saved my holiday!

I came in for leg pain and received superb care; I would absolutely recommend OrthoNow. Thank you so much for having such a resource available.