Preparing For Your Surgery

The Center for Hand to Shoulder Surgery at Atlantic Orthopaedics provides specialized care for the entire upper extremity  from the shoulder to fingertips.

Our staff of fellowship-trained Hand and Upper Extremity surgeons is the largest in the Hampton Roads region. Each year we perform over 1,600 surgeries for injuries of the shoulder, elbow and hand. This level of experience allows us to provide the highest quality of care available, even for the most difficult problems.

Each of our physicians (Dr. Sam Kline, Dr. Chad Manke and Dr. Brad Carofino) have completed advanced fellowship training in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery. We treat a wide range of disorders and injuries. This includes common problems such as wrist fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff tears. We also perform the most complex procedures such as nerve repairs and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Manke and Dr. Carofino also have additional training in shoulder reconstruction. They have extensive experience in shoulder replacement, reverse shoulder replacement, and tendon transfers for massive rotator cuff tears.

From the tip of your fingers to the top of your shoulder, no matter what the problem is….we can help you.

“Fellowship-trained physicians specializing in innovative, state-of-the-art treatment.”
Dr. Bradley C. Carofino
Dr. Chad R. Manke