Foot & Ankle Center

Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists is a regional foot & ankle care center and the destination for patients in Hampton Roads region who are suffering with foot & ankle pain. Our center provides patients with access to rehab options and other non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments all at all our convenient locations in Hampton Roads, for convenience and full service.

Hampton Roads destination for advanced Foot & Ankle care

Highly trained and skilled surgeons

Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists center combines the expertise of all our fellowship-trained orthopedic Foot & Ankle surgeons, to provide both surgical and conservative treatments for acute and chronic Foot & Ankle conditions.

Invasive surgery as a last option

Our goal is to emphasize non-surgical treatment options and when needed, minimally invasive hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder surgery, under one roof, to avoid fragmented care. Emphasis on non-surgical approaches makes our Foot & Ankle Center unique.

When surgical intervention is required, our highly-trained orthopedic surgeons offer the most advanced and innovative surgical treatment options in the region.

Convenient On-Site Physical Therapy Care

The surgeons at Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists are dedicated to the full continuum of care for each patient, providing convenient onsite Physical Therapy services to bring your orthopedic care conveniently under one roof.  Inhouse Physical Therapy also provides a close communication channel between your AOS designated orthopedic surgeon and the dedicated team of Physical Therapists who will assist in returning you to your top physical form.