After having relocated to Hampton Roads from Alabama, Lucy began experiencing episodes during which the pain was so great that she could not walk, run or participate in any of the athletic activities that were so much a part of her life.

Some say the third time’s the charm. In Lucy’s case, it was also the cure. After one specialist diagnosed her retracted quad muscle and a second recommended palliative care without remedy, a coworker and friend of Lucy’s both recommended she get a third opinion from Dr. Cohn at AOS. Within two days and a visit to Atlantic Orthopaedic, she had someone on her team. More important to her than whether the procedure was successful was that she had hope again.

Dr. Cohn performed Lucy’s quadriceps reattachment surgery in January at Chesapeake Surgery Center. Within two months of PT with Ryan at the AOS facility in Kempsville, Lucy was up and running on the treadmill.

“I have cried many happy tears after finally having my leg working properly,” noted Lucy. “From Dr. Cohn and his amazing nurse who kept me laughing, to Ryan who let me cry more times than I can count in physical therapy…everyone at AOS had patience and eased all of my fears. They’re just all-around good people.”

As a mother with young children, regaining her full mobility is something she doesn’t take for granted. Running five miles on a treadmill, teaching gymnastics to little ones and going for an after-work run with her husband – all are a testament to her perseverance and her trust in Dr. Cohn and the team at Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists.