Our return to work program is a team approach of physicians, therapist, exercise physiologists, adjustors and case managers to assist returning the injured worker back to gainful employment.  We have a variety of objective tests that are computerized and research based to provide injury prevention, rehabilitation and case closure.

Services provided by our Industrial Rehabilitation Coordinator and clinicians include:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE): This comprehensive, objective test determines an individual’s return to work status. The evaluation sets work classifications and positional abilities or restrictions.
  • Impairment Rating (IR): This test may be provided once a patient has attained maximal medical impairment. Following the AMA guides from the Evaluation of Permanent Improvement, fifth and sixth editions, this test determines a percentage of loss function, motion, or strength.
  • Ergonomic Job Analysis (JA): This evaluation is actually performed on-site at a patients place of employment. The JA determines the essential physical demands of a job from measurements of forces, distances, and repetitions,
  • Post-offer Employment Screening: This evaluation consists of a battery of tests, assessing strength, flexibility, and agility that is reflected in a specific job position.
  • Work Conditioning

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