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  • ODU football
    Old Dominion University
    Under the guidance and direction of Dr. Brad Butkovich, Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists have dedicated themselves to taking care of the Monarchs on and off the field. Dr. Butkovich, Dr. Donato and Dr. Gibson can be seen caring for athletes on the courts and fields of competition at ODU.

“As a division of Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists, we’ve put together a team of medical experts who are dedicated to providing the best care possible to injured athletes and patients alike.”

footballThe goal of our Sports Medicine Program is to help injured athletes get back into the action – as quickly and safely as possible. We treat the full spectrum of athletic injuries and specialize in football, golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, hockey, lacrosse, dance, volleyball and other recreational injuries.

Whether you participate in recreational athletics or exercise to stay healthy, you can count on the same expert, personalized care that we provide for various sports teams in Hampton Roads including Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University athletic teams and the Norfolk Tides baseball team, in addition to many other athletic and high school programs.

Our surgeons and sports medicine specialists are experts in their respective fields. Using the latest non-operative and operative treatments, particularly arthroscopy, our doctors help patients regain function so they can quickly return to competition or work. Furthermore, our physicians are on the forefront of cutting-edge technology that can lead to even more effective treatment options for sports injuries.

baseballWe also are committed to reducing the incidence and severity of sports injuries. Our clinical team is actively involved in educating athletes about injury prevention and recognition, starting with our young athletes. By teaching athletes proper strength building, flexibility, conditioning, endurance and training techniques, we believe we can help them minimize the risk of injury occurrence.

[accordion clicktoclose=true tag=div] [accordion-item title=”OUR MISSION”]The purpose was to create an integrated multidisciplinary sports medicine team under the umbrella of Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists, whose purpose is to provide high quality expert medical care for every individual, young and old, youth, intercollegiate and professional athlete, working man and woman.

We are devoted to the care, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries while maximizing athletic performance and assuring access to the finest health and surgical care possible.

Through patient care, sports team coverage and ongoing research and education, our Sports Medicine Program strives to provide patients a competitive edge from the sports medicine perspective, whether a full time athlete, working mom or active individual.[/accordion-item] [/accordion]