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Patient Testimonials

See what our patients and their families have to say. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive orthopedic care in a compassionate and caring environment.

A great experience at this location for a first time visit. I have been a patient at the Norfolk office with a foot surgery procedure a few years prior. In going to another location can be somewhat different, but I must say it was a pleasure to meet Dr Moore and have such a comfortable and outstanding visit. I was very appreciative of the services offered and made in my emergency need.

I arrived half an hour before my appointment and was called back almost immediately. I was seen and quickly evaluated by the aide. Was taken back within minutes for x-rays of my hand. Then it was only a few minutes until the PA came into the room to evaluate my problem (left hand has a trigger finger and right hand has Dequervain's Tendonitis )!! A few minutes later Dr. Kline stepped in and went over what I needed to do. Since this will be my SEVENTH trigger finger operation he didn't have to explain very much. I was on my way home before my appointment was scheduled to begin. AMAZING!!! Dr. Kline and his staff are A+. The entire operation is as smooth as silk, and they move quickly, but at NO TIME did I ever feel I was being pushed along or ignored, or not given the time to properly care for me!

I’ve been going to AOS for about 16 years now. Excellent doctors and friendly/helpful staff.

Everyone who was part of my care was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. The doctor was very caring and suggested an immediate and easier fix for my problem than I was expecting.

From the front desk to the treatment room everyone you deal with is friendly, and proficientJim

My experience with the level of care provided by Atlantic Orthopaedics has been exceptional. The entire process of "pre-surgery" scheduling with Ms. Walters, the consult with Dr. Gibson, surgery by Dr. Gibson, post surgery examinations, and physical therapy was flawless. The entire care team was knowledgeable, demonstrated patience, and showed compassion relative to my current and future well being. I will continue to thank them for restoring the quality of life I had enjoyed many months prior to my surgery. Rick Russ, Hip Replacement Patient (August 1, 2019) ~ Russ Rick

I think the service that ortho now provides is fantastic, and a much needed one. Dale was fantastic and exceptionally nice, one of the best providers I’ve. Ever seen, as were the rest of the staff. I had a fantastic experience from the front desk workers to the X-RAY tech. Yes, the wait was longish, overall I was in there for about 3 hours, but the service is well worth it. It’s a small practice and I think Dale sees everyone, so I went in expecting there to be a wait. 10/10 would recommend to a friend in pain. ~ Bryan Thomas

Shout out to Claire Williams, DPT. She was consistently caring and very professional when I was recovering from those dratted bone spurs. If I ever need rehab again, then I will request Claire for sure. Bob Felty

Dr. Gibson has been my Orthopedic Surgeon since 2001. He gained me as a patient through the emergency room Sentara Norfolk Gen, I had pulled my shoulder literally apart, it was an on the job injury. From that moment on he’s performed 5 surgeries on me. Right shoulder twice, both knees, total replacements, recently repaired my left rotor cuff. I’ve never had any issues with my surgeries. I’ve had a partial shoulder replacement performed by Dr Carofino as well. Dr Gibson is an awesome Surgeon I’ve always been treated very well by him. I would definitely recommend Dr Gibson and Atlantic Orthopedic Specialists.

I highly recommend AOS.  They got me in quickly and once I found out I needed surgery, I was scheduled right away.  Both Brice and Dr. Carofino were great, as well as the rest of the staff.  They are a very busy office but I felt like they took their time and took great care of me.