Kyphosis Surgery

What Is Kyphosis Surgery?

A ‘normal’ spine has three natural curves that produce an ‘S’ shape when viewed from the side. These curves help to evenly distribute our body weight and absorb the normal stress we place on our spine every day. In some instances, however, the spinal curvature may become exaggerated and round forward, creating the appearance of a hump back. This condition is known as kyphosis. The condition, depending on the severity, can be managed or treated. Find out if you are a candidate.


The goal of spinal reconstruction surgery is to decrease the patient’s pain and to place the spine in a more natural position. This is accomplished using minimally invasive robot-guided spine surgery which allows our surgeons to precisely create and plan a blueprint for surgery before stepping foot in the operating room.

Kyphosis correction surgery involves the implantation of rods and screws that correct the spinal deformity and stabilize the spine in its new position while the spine fuses, or joins, together. These bones ultimately heal into one solid piece for spinal stability and prevention of further curve progression.

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