The region’s first and only program dedicated to shoulder replacement surgery and other complex reconstructive shoulder procedures.

Shoulder Replacement Program

Why you should choose the AOS Shoulder Replacement Program

Shoulder replacement surgery and other complex reconstructive shoulder procedures are not common operations. Shoulder Replacement Program To obtain the best results, these procedures require surgeons and treatment teams with extensive experience and training.

The majority of shoulder replacements in the United States are performed by surgeons who do less than 10 replacements per year. Yet research shows that “high volume” surgeons who perform 60 or more shoulder replacements per year obtain better results and have lower complication rates. The surgeons in the Shoulder Replacement Program perform a combined 160-200 shoulder replacements per year.

Patients choose the AOS Shoulder Replacement Program because they are seeking specialized care by experts. We care for patients from near and far away.

What makes us different

The Shoulder Replacement Program was developed based on the belief that the best medical care is delivered by a consistent team of specialized medical providers. This means experienced shoulder surgeons working with a specialized operative team and physical therapists.

We continually monitor our results through clinical research to ensure that we are providing the highest level of care available. We pride ourselves on being one of the only shoulder centers in the country to publish their results for patients to view.

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    If you have any general questions about your shoulder, or any follow-up questions from your recent appointment that you forgot to ask Dr. Manke or Dr. Carofino, please send us an email!