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Speed Dating, Orthopaedic Style The Positive Side of Two Broken Arms: Building a Relationship in a Medical Setting The weekend riding all-terrain vehicles (ATV) at a friend’s house didn’t go as planned for John and Sarah. But it did have lasting impact. Sarah and John had been dating only a few weeks when an ATV accident sent them both to the emergency room. Repairing their injuries kept them taking care of each other. “We were riding in a wooded area when our ATV hit a bump and flipped,” Sarah said. “My wrists slammed against the handle bars. The ATV landed on John and snapped his forearm.” Their friends rushed them to the emergency room where x-rays confirmed that both Sarah and John had fractured their forearms. The emergency room physician advised them to follow up with an experienced upper extremity specialist when they returned home. After doing some research, John and Sarah scheduled appointments to see Samuel Kline, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon with AOS who specializes in upper extremity injuries. When John and Sarah met Dr. Kline for the first time, they were eager to share their story. “They came in together laughing about their luck. I reviewed their x-rays and told each of them that their fractures would require surgical repair,” Kline said. “We got them scheduled for surgery later that week.”

I have worked in the medical field all of my life and fortunately, rarely have I been on the receiving end of patient care. I came to your office Monday 3/19/18 after putting off treatment for my painful thumb. I was greeted by a friendly, pleasant receptionist, filled out the paperwork and expected to wait given the full waiting room. I barely sat down before I was called back, had an x-ray and was seen by Dr. Manke. He was perfectly delightful. A cortisone shot later, I was checking out in little more than an hour from arriving! I was very impressed with the professional, efficient and courteous experience!!

To the PT Crew at the SPA…Just wanted to say thanks for all the help through my PT sessions, couldn’t have done it without you guys! Will have to say I was a non-believer of PT and all that’s involved. But you’ve opened my eyes! I am a changed man! You guys rock! Millions of thanks.

Most of the staff was very friendly and engaging. Bryce and Dr. Carofino both took time to listen to my concerns, addressed them and made sure I was clear/had no questions. I look forward to a speedy recovery. Love them!

I was extremely pleased with Dr. Carofino's evaluation of my shoulder injury. The likely diagnosis and next steps were clearly explained. The office staff and his assistant Brice were very friendly and helpful. The experience was efficient, friendly and comfortable from start to finish. Highly recommend!