Six physicians from Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists (AOS) participated in an open house event at Sentara Leigh Hospital on Saturday, March 21 in which people could speak with any one of the 12 specialized surgeons present about orthopedic aches and pains. The open house was held in conjunction with the opportunity to tour the new facility, which is in its second phase of construction and includes the Sentara OrthoJoint Center® and a new Rehab Gym.

Two 30-minute introductory talks were each followed by a 45-minute meet-and-greet session. Dr. Michael Campbell and Dr. John Schaffer conducted 5-minute lectures on the respective topics “My Aching Feet” and “Sports Medicine”. Dr. Wilford Gibson (Direct Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacement), Dr. Thomas Markham (When Do I Have A Joint Replacement?) and Dr. Chad Manke (Minimally Invasive Shoulder Replacements) lectured during the second period. Dr. Bradley Butkovich, the new Chief of Orthopaedics for Sentara Leigh, spoke at the end of each session and fielded questions within the designated AOS room.

All six physicians and AOS Physician Assistant Mr. Jonathan Hull are the injury center physicians at the Fracture and Acute Musculoskeletal Injury Center at Sentara Leigh Memorial Hospital.

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