Kerri Weible’s story is one of resilience, determination, and successful recovery. A dynamic athlete, Kerri excelled in gymnastics, field hockey, and track throughout her high school years. Kerri said, “I played sports and worked out all the time in high school, it’s what I love.” Her active lifestyle, however, took an unexpected turn due to a hip injury that progressively worsened over time.

The Onset of Injury
Kerri believes her injury happened during a gymnastics training session in high school, where she suspects a heavy stretching exercise led to her initial hip injury. She remembers feeling a sharp pain in her hip that day while doing a deep “frogger stretch.” Kerri’s hip pain gradually transformed into a significant hurdle, impacting her ability to engage in the sports she loved. “Running long distances and doing squats in the weight room was so painful. The pain would even wake me up some nights with popping and clicking in my hip.”

Seeking Help
After Kerri graduated from high school, Kerri went on to attend Old Dominion University (ODU), where Kerri sought hip pain relief through their physical therapy program. Despite her diligent efforts, the pain persisted, leading her physical therapist to recommend an evaluation with Dr. Donato, a Sports Medicine Specialist and Surgeon with Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists. This decision marked the beginning of Kerri’s path to recovery.

Upon meeting Dr. Donato, Kerri immediately felt reassured, describing Dr. Donato as “kind, calm, and caring.” Based on Kerri’s presentation, imaging studies were performed, including X-rays and an MRI. Dr. Donato diagnosed Kerri with a labral tear in her hip, an injury affecting the tissue that ensures the stability of the hip joint. A hip labral tear can cause significant pain, frequently in the groin area. These symptoms can substantially limit a person’s ability to function at work, in sports, and even with intimacy. Prompt diagnosis and proper management, which ultimately may involve surgical intervention, will help facilitate a resolution of pain and return to function.

The Decision for Surgery
Kerri longed to run and enjoy her active lifestyle again without pain. In the summer of 2022, Kerri, though nervous, decided to proceed with a hip scope procedure with Dr. Donato to repair the labral tear. Kerri said Dr. Donato’s knowledge, clear explanations, and calming presence helped ease her anxieties about the surgery. “I can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr. Donato and his entire team have been through this journey to recovery,” said Kerri. “They have been there for me every step of the way, and they still are!”

Post-Op Recovery
Post-surgery, Kerri set ambitious goals for herself. She aspired to get back to her level of activity as an athlete before the injury, and to regain her strength and range of motion to the fullest. Determined to run, lift weights, and enjoy pain-free sleep again, she embarked on her post-operative journey with unwavering determination. This included physical therapy and a commitment to regular strength training.

A Successful Outcome
Through dedication and the skillful expertise of Dr. Donato, Kerri achieved a remarkable recovery. This journey of healing not only restored Kerri’s ability to run without discomfort, but also opened a new chapter in her life, setting her on the path to serve in the Air Force, which she begins this month.

Kerri’s story is not just about overcoming a physical injury; it’s a narrative of how expert medical care, coupled with personal resilience, can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Kerri expressed how grateful she is to Dr. Donato and his team for transforming a painful chapter into a story of triumph and new beginnings.