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Electronic Medical Records

Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists leads the way for its patients and provides smooth, seamless delivery of quality medical care. To enhance our service to our patients, we have converted to a 24/7, readily accessible electronic medical records system (EMR) at all of our office locations. Patient files and information is now filed in one, searchable, HIPAA compliant, secure data base. This new technology offers patients many benefits:

  • No more lost or damaged patient charts, X-rays or other medical records
  • Patient records may be accessed from anywhere in this practice
  • Records may be accessed by multiple physicians during consultations
  • Only authorized medical personnel have access to patient files
  • Improved accuracy, legibility and thoroughness of patient data decreases the risk of medical errors
  • Streamlines the delivery of patient care, saving time and reducing patient anxiety

Digital X-Ray

Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists relies on the most advanced technology and practices when it comes to patient care. Digital imaging and X-Ray are standard at all of our practice locations. These advanced images allow our specialists to diagnose patient injuries and administer treatment with greater accuracy and precision. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced need for patient X-ray retakes
  • Reduction in patient office visit longevity
  • Faster processing time for faster diagnosis and treatment
  • Digital X-ray images are catalogued and organized in easily searchable files
  • No more lost or damaged X-ray films or need for patient to transit
  • Electronic transfer of digital images promotes improved physician consultations
  • Improves communication with healthcare providers

Orthotic Services (Foot)

We now offer outpatient Orthotic services for the foot. For additional information, please inquire with your physician (or their medical assistant) at the time of your office visit.

Physical Therapy

Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists Physical Therapy provides a full range of services including Hand Therapy, Knee and Shoulder Therapy, Spine Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Foot & Ankle Therapy, Total Joint Rehabilitation, and Return-to-Work programs.

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