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“With a background in physical therapy, I always try to maximize nonoperative treatment when appropriate. In the event a patient needs surgery, I strive to provide the most cutting edge and up to date techniques” 

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Dr. Michael Campbell is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon with Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists who specializes in conditions of the foot & ankle. Dr. Campbell’s practice is aimed at a wide variety of patients, including athletes and the physically active. Committed to obtaining the best outcomes for his patients, Dr. Michael Campbell is a designer of the new DynaBunion™ implant system and routinely teaching surgeons around the country about state-of-the-art bunion correction.  In addition, he regularly performs minimally invasive and complex foot and ankle surgery, including total ankle replacement. Dr. Campbell was also named a Health Care Hero Award Winner for his advancements in surgical healthcare.

Visit Dr. Campbell’s Website: www.bunion-doctors.com

HOSPITAL AFFILIATIONS: Leigh Orthopedic Ambulatory Surgery Center, Princess Anne Ambulatory Surgery Center and Sentara Leigh Hospital



  • State University of New York


  • Geisinger Medical Center


  • Penn State Milton Hershey Medical Center




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Top Conditions

Arthritis Of The Foot & Ankle (Open PDF)

Bunions (Open PDF)

Hallux Rigidus (Stiff Big Toe) (Open PDF)

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Introducing DynaBunion™

Ankle Replacement(Open PDF)

Bunionectomy (Open PDF)

Using New Technology to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment in Foot

MTP Staple Compression Plates(SCP)

Comprehensive Orthopaedic Care

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