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A revolutionary new device allows many foot and ankle surgeries to be done through a ¼ inch incision. Old fashioned bunion surgery has a bad reputation for being painful and unreliable - big ugly incisions, long recoveries, crutches, casts, and weekly doctor visits. The latest technology in bunion surgery has radically changed all of this, most notably the need for
A parachuting accident ended a military man’s career and nearly his way of life. Anthony T. Adams, II Adams was a US Army surgical technician, on active duty when he suffered a ‘hard landing’ during parachute training exercises. The incident left his foot shattered. Army physicians tried twice, but were unable to surgically repair his foot. Their lack of
Between seasons, professional football players must keep in top physical shape, and hometown hero Kam Chancellor is no exception. Kam recently chose Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists for his ankle conditioning before returning for pre-season training with his team in the pros. A graduate of Maury High School in Norfolk and an alumnus of Virginia Tech, Kam was in the
Recently Published in Journal of Orthopaedic Research by Blake E. Moore, MD (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, July 2016) – The prestigious national orthopaedic medical journal, Journal of Orthopaedic Research, has recently published an article authored by Blake E Moore, MD, a Virginia Beach, Va. orthopaedic surgeon and a specialist in Foot and Ankle orthopaedics for the
By Sandra J. Pennecke Correspondent Feb 19, 2016 As a child, and still as an adult, Dr. Michael Campbell has had a love of building, creating and working with his hands. Today, Campbell is able to use his passion to heal and improve people’s lives. Prior to entering medical school, Campbell worked as a physical therapist. It was then that he marveled at
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