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Meet Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists’ newest Surgeon Luke H. Balsamo Until recently most patients in Eastern Virginia and North Carolina have had to travel out of the area to be treated for tumors of bone and soft tissues. That has changed since Luke H. Balsamo, MD, an Orthopaedic Oncologist, joined Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists. The practice of
Two new Byrds, Dr. Jennifer M. Byrd and Dr. William A. Byrd, have landed at Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists this month after completing orthopaedic fellowship training in Sports Medicine and Adult Reconstruction, respectively. Both doctors, Jennifer and Will Byrd, are natives of Virginia Beach and graduates of Norfolk Academy, Princeton and the Medical College of
This procedure, which treats chronic orthopaedic pain, uses radio waves to heat an area of nerve tissue. By applying heat to the nerve, pain signals are reduced from that specific area. AOS Interventional Physiatrist, Dr. Jonathan Strand, primarily uses this procedure to treat a condition called lumbar spondylosis, which is the degeneration of the spinal column in
Virginia Beach, VA July 9, 2018 – Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists (AOS) is pleased to announce that orthopaedic spine surgeon, Charles E. Shuff, MD, FAAOS, ABOS has joined the practice and will begin seeing patients July 16, 2018. Already an accomplished spine surgeon prior to joining AOS, Dr. Shuff has served as the Director of the Cabell-Huntington Spine
Scoliosis is a condition of the spine which causes it to curve to the side, resulting in a ‘S’ or ‘C’ deformity. Scoliosis Awareness Month aims to educate the public about the condition, the importance of early detection and new treatment options such bracing as early, non-operative care. Here at AOS we offer a dedicated Spine & Scoliosis Center, to meet
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