Topics included the latest approaches to orthopaedic care, pain management and return-to-work issues presented by AOS physicians and physical therapy staff.

This Year’s Speakers & Topics

Chad R. Manke, MD, FAAOS
Chad R. Manke, MD, FAAOSTopic: Common fractures about the upper extremity
Mark A. Bewley, MD, FAAOS
Mark A. Bewley, MD, FAAOSTopic: Ligamentous Injuries of the knee
Bradley T. Butkovich, MD, FAAOS
Bradley T. Butkovich, MD, FAAOSTopic: Shoulder instability
William A. Byrd, MD
William A. Byrd, MDTopic: Rapid Recovery Protocols and Outpatient Total Joint Arthroplasty
Jennifer M. Byrd, MD
Jennifer M. Byrd, MDTopic: Approach to Common Shoulder Complaints
 Michael A. Campbell, MD, FAAOS
Michael A. Campbell, MD, FAAOSTopic: Post-traumatic arthritis in the Foot and Ankle
 Blake E. Moore, MD, FAAOS
Blake E. Moore, MD, FAAOSTopic: Minimally invasive surgery for the foot and ankle: What’s new in MIS in 2022
Lawrence E. Donato, DO, FAOAO
Lawrence E. Donato, DO, FAOAOTopic: Meniscus Tears

Additional Topics:

  • Therapy’s Role for the Injured Worker from Start to Finishby Cindy Free LPTA, CDE II

  • Fall Risk at the workplace and the role of the PT by Jodni Harrity, PT, DPT