Pre-Surgical Care

There may be cases when joint replacement is not necessary. At Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists, we assess every patient thoroughly before recommending surgery to replace a hip, knee, shoulder, or elbow. Our staff of experienced specialists takes the time to consider all aspects of the patient’s needs, first prescribing pain management techniques that may include medication, physical therapy, or a change in diet and exercise. Only when other options are no longer feasible, and the pain cannot be wholly managed, does surgery become an option.

Joint Replacement

Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists uses the latest surgical equipment and techniques, including the anterior approach hip (Jiffy Hip®), to make joint replacement as minimally invasive as possible. Smaller incisions in surgery result in shorter hospital stays and more successful recovery in physical therapy. Our team of professionals includes some of the most experienced surgeons in the Hampton Roads, all of whom will see you through any replacement procedure.